Sunday, June 11, 2017

SALT WATER Summer Fashion Showcase

Summer is officially here and either you've already started hitting the beach on weekends or you're looking forward to your upcoming vacation, you do need one thing (except for sunscreen): cute beachwear. That being said, today's post is about the SALT WATER Summer Fashion Showcase that took place a couple weeks ago in Attica, Golden Hall.

SALT WATER was established in 1995. In the following years, the company earned a leading role in the Greek fashion industry and introduced some of the world's top and most promising resort-wear brands to the Greek market. For more info, you can visit the SALT WATER website.

Where to shop: Attica@GoldenHall


Tuesday, May 9, 2017


I have 2 good reasons why I haven't updated my blog until now:
1. My camera died while I was visiting my best friend in Dublin, so my boyfriend and I  decided that it was time to finally purchase a DSLR one.
2. I was working non-stop on my thesis, because I have a presentation coming up soon. Naturally, the first pics I took with our brand new Nikon D3300 were in the Paleontology lab. I aknowledge that they're not great or special, however I would still like to post them here:

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Pics taken and slightly edited by EP.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Presenting the H&M Studio S/S 2017 collection

Last week I had the pleasure to visit my favorite place, the H&M showroom, for a preview of the brand new studio collection. It is inspired by the power of love, grace, strength and passion of ballet, so it truly spoke to my heart as I used to be a ballet dancer for 7 years during my childhood. Also, I loved the contrast between the romantic, classic lines (like the feminine shirts) and the casual nylon pieces (like the pair of shorts in the first picture and the practical accessories).

 photo DSC05169_zps81wk5m16.jpg
 photo DSC05171_zpsdmt6ilju.jpg
 photo DSC05172_zpsdvxtzai2.jpg
 photo DSC05175_zpsohfy3iyz.jpg

Did I mention that I absolutely love this whole 'mostly black and white' vibe? I personally find it the most elegant and eye-pleasing color combination.

 photo DSC05176_zpsamjzd0ro.jpg

 photo DSC05177_zpsujfujiab.jpg

I screamed a little when I saw these 2 pairs of high-waist shorts. They're just perfect.

 photo DSC05181_zpslzijlswj.jpg

Of course, there's also a collection for men...

 photo DSC05180_zpswu6slufj.jpg

...and a kids line.

 photo DSC05182_zpssym6els8.jpg
 photo DSC05185_zpst1o0h1iw.jpg

But wait, there's more. We took a short break to drink a cocktail and enjoy fingerfood and macaroons...

 photo DSC05178_zpsgbroptz3.jpg

...and then we watched, live from Paris Fashion Week, the 'See now, Buy now' H&M Studio fashion show, which was really fun and beautiful. When the livestream ended, a little surprise was revealed: Some more pieces from the collection!

 photo DSC05189_zps9gye60xx.jpg

As you can see, they're more formal, perfect for a night out.

 photo DSC05190_zpsrnnn5f1a.jpg

Do I need to say that I need this bralette? Or the following top?

 photo DSC05191_zpszaxpcdrn.jpg

According to Pernilla Wohlfahrt, Head of Design and Creative Director at H&M, 'With this collection we want to send a global message of love. There are a few pieces that carry the word again and again, kind of like a ticker tape and as a constant reminder of what is important. It feels like now, more than ever, we all need positive feelings and thoughts in our lives'. 

 photo DSC05167_zpsi1susdgu.jpg


The studio collection is already available at the following stores: Ermou 54 (Athens), Tsimiski 22 (Thessaloniki), Lidras 171 (Cyprus).

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Hallo Freaks! party by Jagermeister

Welcome to my new blog! My first post is about the Hallo Freaks! party, which took place this Monday at the Lohan Nightclub. It included zombies and other freaks, fake tattoos, a great DJ line-up, a wedding chapel (couples had the opportunity to get married by a zombie Elvis!), Jagermeister shots and drinks, balloons and confetti, so I'm sure you can guess that we had an amazing time: 

Jagermeister with red bull, my personal fav.

Top/Bottom: Stradivarius
Choker: H&M
Rose ring: Vintage
Fishnet stockings: Oysho
Heels: Envie shoes

Fashion tip: Culottes were a major trend this winter. You can buy a couple of pairs on sale right now and wear them during the Spring/Summer season, they're extremely practical and stylish.

'Hey wait, I'm checking my instagram!'
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